Hey guys! I've just seen this tag/article topic called the #LetterByLetterChallenge go around and I know I am late but it seemed interesting. This tag was said to be created by @Paulien_99 which is an amazing tag.

I had already done the 'My Name In Colours' article already so feel free to check that out. I've decided to use my nickname instead of my full name because its really long and I can't be bothered.

Before this article starts can I just say I'm so excited because for the first time in seven years there is snow in London, and it's actually setting which is also a plus. I'm over the moon because my friends and I were able to build a small snowman, have a snow fight and enjoy the snow. School finished an hour earlier in the Year 11 which made my whole year so happy.

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L E T T E R B Y L E T T E R:



❤ Stars Dance - Selena Gomez

❤ Hold Back The River - James Bay

❤ All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar, SZA

❤ Trust Fund Baby - Why Don't We

❤ Hey there Delilah - Plain White Tee's

❤ Umbrella - Rhianna

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You guys have to check out the Marvel movie Black Panther and the soundtrack is amazing, All The Stars is one of the songs.


❤ Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini (Book)

❤ How To Get Away With Murder (TV Show)

❤ Avengers (Movies)

❤ The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (Books)

❤ H20, Just Add Water (TV Show)

❤ Ultraviolet by R. J. Anderson (Book)

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❤ Stubborn

Im stubborn as hell so people are prepared to fight when they talk to me and me being stubborn ends up with me acting so awkward that I've accepted that I'm an awkward and stubborn person.

❤ Honest

I feel the need to just be honest instead of lying and being fake.

❤ Adventurous

I love going on adventures and exploring

❤ Timid

When I meet new people I'm probably the shyest person you've met and it's quite hard to get over but I am a shy person in general and with people I know, I'm the loudest person you know.

❤ Helpful

I love being helpful and help others who need it as I think it's part of life to be able to help each other.

❤ Unique

I'm weird and unique and a lot of people actually tell me straight up they've never met anyone like me and they probably mean it in a rude way but I know is different and I don't care.
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❤ Selena Gomez (Singer/Actress)

❤ Hailee Steinfeld (Singer/Actress)

❤ Aria Montgomery (Character in Pretty Little Liars)

❤ Troian Bellisario (Actress)

❤ Hope Mikaelson (Character in the Originals)

❤ Ursula (Character in the Little Mermaid)

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❤ Selenophile

I love the moon a lot.

❤ Hindu

I'm a Hindu, and I love it

❤ Astrology

I love learning about celestial objects in the universe, from the planets to stars.

❤ Travel

I love travelling and crave going different places further away from where I am now.

❤ Hoarder of Books

I love books and I find it hard to throw away books so have huge piles of books in every room of my house and in different countries when I visit.

❤ Unpredictable

I'm really unpredictable and my mood changes so often so I end up doing random things that freak out my friends
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That's it for this article, I hope you enjoyed and learned a lit more about me.

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