Hi! my name is Allaniss and I wanna say, that my heart has never been broken until now. I know that it is actually difficult to believe due to the fact everyone(or mostly every single person i've met)had suffered from this at least once.

I am not an expert as you may see...but I have a couple of close friends that had broken their own hearts in the most painful way. Falling in love for someone that doesn't give a fuck about your feelings...is a mess. people get hurt in the most tragic ways and some of them can just get over it so that's why I'm gonna write a list of what i´ve done so far to stay as a survivor:

1.- i've never talked to someone else about my feelings. that would give the other person some kind of power over me that i had unwittingly given. just open up your heart to people that you trust in.

2.- i've never considered having something with someone that doesn't respect me. This is actually very important tho. How can you let some kind of jerk enter to your life? it would be a total waste of time. Womanizers are the worst,and girls, let's have some shit clear: we can't change them, they won't become a better person just because someone told them to, that only happens in movies, but in real life, they will keep playing with your heart making fake promises until they get bored and throw it in the trash...that totally destroy a person emotionally and can actually generate trust issues in tne worst cases(this also applies for boys.remember:girls are mean too).

3.- Since I was a kid, I've always analized every single person in my school/university just to find out who was someone I needed to interact with. finding good people is actually stressful but it's not that imposible. try to analyse everyone. the most important facts you need to take into account is: how they act in front of their friends,teachers and parents; how they act in a public place and last but not the least, try to picture yourself having a friendship with that person. if you get to realise that your personality actually fits with his or hers, then it means you can start a friendship. thhis takes to rule number 4.

4.- getting to know that person. Knowing someone can actually take a lot time, because it's imposible to know absolutely everything. so, just take your time to know him or her. it can actually take you years but it would be for the best. when you get to know someone and they get to know you and notice how amazing you are, that's the moment you realize that it is meant to be.

I hope this helps you guys as much as it helped me! and sorry if there are some grammar mistakes...english is not my main languaje

see you guys soon!