Hi Everyone!

I'm a big fan of these amazing guys, and i've seen some of these tags so I decided to do it just to share my preferences! So, let's start...!

First BTS Song You ever Heard?

The first BTS song i ever heard was Blood Sweat & Tears and i immediately fell in love with them, since that day i became really obsessed with the 7 members.

bts, jin, and jungkook image
+ I really love this M/V

Least favourite song of BTS?

r you kidding me? I can't pick one to answer this question, i just like all of their songs.

Cutest BTS member?

Tbh, they all are really cute but for me, the cutest would be Taehyung... or Jungkook, oh my God, i can't choose one so I'm going to choose the two.

aesthetic, handsome, and bts image bts, aesthetic, and jungkook image
Just look at them, can u choose?

Favourite picture of J-Hope?

He's a sunshine! I love his personality, it's unique!

edit, hobi, and hoseok image army, boys, and v image army, boys, and v image bts, bangtan boys, and j-hope image

Favourite BTS moment?

My favorite BTS moments are all their live performances and Run Episodes, but my absolute favorite moment is when they arrived to the AMAs red carpet, the moment i saw them arriving i felt really happy and excited (and proud of their achievements).

bts, jimin, and jin image
They looked really handsome!

Favourite BTS song?

Ok, this question is very hard for me, personally, i like a looot of their songs, since this is my article I'll put my 4 favorite songs (hahah).

And they are... Fire, Blood Sweat & Tears, House Of Cards and Mic Drop

bts, jimin, and jin image jin, bts, and jungkook image b&w, house of cards, and v image bts, jin, and v image
but, hahah i really like GO GO too.

Favourite picture of Suga?

Suga is definitely unique, his swag and personality are so aafff..

bts, bangtan, and bts suga image asian boy, korean, and boy image
His stage performances are so stunning

.Favourite BTS performance?

Ok, This is very difficult for me again, because as we all know they always make incredible performances! But here are some:

And many more...

First BTS bias?

Forever and always my cutest, most handsome and sexiest man

army, boys, and gif image
I can't describe the love i feel for Kim Taehyung, i just love him with all of myself

Current bias?

As I said before, KIM TAEHYUNG is my bias :)

gif, v, and bts image
I can't find the gif i want :(

Least favourite member?

Seriously? I love the all at the same way.

OTP you ship?

I don't ship any of the boys romantically, but I love the VKOOK bromance.

taehyung, taekook, and bts image bts, jungkook, and vkook image aesthetic, vhs, and bts image bts, vkook, and jungkook image
there are too many beautiful photos of Vkook!

Best singer?

They are all really good singers in their own way!!

bts, jimin, and park jimin image army, gif, and boy image kpop, bts, and taehyung image army, k-pop, and perfect man image

Funniest member?

Jin, Jungkook, Taehyung and J Hope

Best rapper?

The rap line is so good but i think suga is a masterpiece

Favourite picture of Jungkook

Seriously? I can't choose one so i'll put a gif

army, boys, and gif image

BTS song that makes you happy?

21st Century Girl and War Of Hormone makes me really happy

bts and jimin image v, bts, and taehyung image bts, jimin, and jin image bts, bangtan boys, and jhope image

Favourite M/V?

Fire is 100% my absolute favorite video!!!

gif, bts, and jhope image

Favourite picture of V?

Well, he was chosen as the Most Handsome Face of 2017, so it is very difficult to choose just 4 photos, but here are some:

bts, v, and taehyung image red hair, v, and bts image bts, v, and taehyung image army, v, and rap monster image

Hottest member?

I'm not just saying it because it's my bias but because I really think so, for me the hottest member is Tae.

gif, v, and bts image

Put all members in order on your bias list.

i can't sorryy :(

Favourite picture of RM?

The best leader we could ever ask for <3

bts, kim namjoon, and rm image bts, namjoon, and rm image

Best dancer?

i think j hope and jungkook

Favourite picture of Jimin?

bts, jimin, and park jimin image chicago, jungkook, and fairy image bts, jimin, and kpop image minnie, red hair, and bts image

Favourite picture of BTS?

i love all but this photo is really stunning!!!!!

army, bts, and bangtan image

Favourite picture of Jin?

Worldwide Handsome

bts, jin, and kpop image bts, jin, and kpop image bts, jin, and seokjin image bts, jin, and kpop image

Why do you love BTS?

I love them simply because they make me so happy, honestly, they are amazing human beings, they always send messages of positivism, self love, happiness, hope and love in their songs and everything they do.

They worked so hard to be where they are now and they're still so grateful with their fans, they're humble, caring and very talented.

I just love all they do. When i started stanning them i found a little scape to all my problems, and they gave me the peace i needed. They're such good role models and influencers. I really love them 💜

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Well, this is my BTS Tag! I hope u liked it as much as i like to do it!

till the next one, xoxo.