I wanna make this short and simple. I just got heart broken by a boy i'll name Ryan. Ryan is sweet caring and open minded.

You must be thinking " how can a guy like Ryan break your heart?" well he did big time. As I said I wanna keep this short and simple. Here is where I make the big mistake my friend "Melissa" and I liked Ryan but we never told each other.

Melissa got the chance and went out with him not knowing I liked him I didn't say anything until they were done for good. She was pretty chill about. I started to talk to him with out Melissa knowing. I told him everthing about me and he did the same thing back, we talked about pretty deep shit. We later told each other we liked one another. I was so happy felt like my butt was going to lift and jump. Untill today he said and I quote " I'm broken hearted too. I still have feelings for one person lol. And am for real . I'm gonna go take care."

Yet I still know I'm going to see him at school and talk to him. Because my heart hurts so much that I rather still talk to him rather then him knowing that he broken my heart......