Hi lovely people, it’s me again with a new day challenge.

Day 16: What are your five greatest accomplishments?

1. Better relationship with my parents
During my adolescence I didn’t talk about certain topics with my parents for many reasons. But now that I am an adult I can communicate with my parents in an excellent way, be honest and talk about many things with them knowing that neither of them will judge me and that they will always advise me what is best for me.

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2. Self-confidence
I never had much confidence in myself, I always felt very bad about myself, but with this trip I did a few days ago I feel good, with a lot of confidence in myself, I'm beginning to accept me as I am, and I feel good. It feels very good.

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3. Sometimes it's okay to fail
I'm glad I've started to understand this. Like my dad says: "to fail is a part of life and sometimes failures makes you a little bit wiser". Of course, it makes you feel like a piece of shit for a while, but in the end that failure makes you stronger.

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4. Ears deaf to stupid comments
If there's one thing I've learned in these years, it's that people are always going to judge you for what you do. So girl, do it. People are going to talk anyway, just don't listen to them too much, most of the time they just say stupid things.

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5. Winning a medal
When I went to high school, every year from the end of October to the end of September, all the secondary schools in my city competed with each other in different disciplines; sport, culture, music etc. This competition still continues and we call it "Estudiantina Olimpica" (Olympic student).

There was a year where all my friends and I joined in a discipline, soccer. Was just for fun, nobody else, apart from one or two girls they knew how to play. However, our soccer team reached the semi-finals. Unfortunately, we lost the match but we obtained the second place.

Until today I keep that medal along with the other medals I got in other disciplines, as if they were the medals of the world Olympic Games, hahaha.

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This is all for now, hope to see you tomorrow

Lot of love,


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