Sooooooo, Day 3. Before I go on I'd like to explain the top 3 things I think are the most important when trying to get healthy. Healthy food choices, drinking enough water and ONLY water, and exercise. Well today I had a great breakfast( I had a boiled egg with it this time for my protein fix). I had a great lunch and a great dinner. Lot's of fruit and veggies and my proteins were lean meats. I would give details only I am really exhausted so I'm trying to wrap this up. So as for water I met my goal of 8 cups before dinner. So YAY! Another thing I am proud of is that my co workers got some fast food for lunch and when they asked me if I wanted in on it I declined. i stayed strong. And that's saying something because they can be a determined and persuasive bunch hah. But anyway, I had a club meeting and then a midterm to take after work so I didn't exercise which is probably for the best anyway because I think I pulled a muscle in my back today in P.E. (Short explanation- I am a Pre-K assistant and I go with the kids to P.E to help the coach watch them and today I helped her set up the game for them. I'm guessing that's where I pulled the muscle.) Anyway, I didn't workout but I figure two out of three isn't horrible so I'm not worried about it. I did my best today and I'm proud of myself so far! I'm killing it!