Most would assume that feminism means the same thing to every feminist. That it is the same set of values shared by a group- and of course, they would be right in some ways. There is one value, perhaps the core value, of feminism, that all feminists share- the demand for respect. But if you're talking about feminism as a whole set of beliefs, it starts to become very personal.

For example, you've probably heard of Radical Feminists, also known by some as Social Justice Warriors. Although I do agree with some of their views, I do not under any circumstances believe that women deserve more respect than men or most of their other beliefs.

Feminism, to me, is more than just equal rights for women. Its equal rights for everyone. That means respect for all- men, women, queer people, straight people, people of color, everyone. No matter who you are, you should receive the respect you give. No matter your looks, who you love, or how you express yourself, you should be judged on how you treat others.

To me, it's not about who is better. It's that everyone is good at heart, and we should recognize that.

Thank you for reading :)