1. Wash Your Skin

i start by washing my face with the Blue Vichy

vichy, jel, and ciltbakım image

2. Mask

I put this Magnaminty Lush maks for about 10 to 15 minutes

green, lush, and aesthetic image

3. Toned It Up!

I toned my face with this Vichy Lotion

blue, makeup, and summer image

4. Hydrate Your Skin

Your face need hydration to prevent wrinkles in the future and simply to keep it hydrated, I use the La Neige Hydrating Gel

mask, korean skincare, and laneige image

5. Scrub Those Babies

I then scrub my lips with any lip scrub from Lush (my fav!)

bubblegum, lush, and lip scrub image

6. Lip Balm Time

to make my lips softer, i apply my favourite lip balm from Nuxe

lipbalm, nuxe, and baume à levre image