1. My name is Rechel

2. I have 16 years old

3.I live in Dominican Rep.

4. i speak 2 language and learning 1 Italian

5. I love the moon ( It make me feel inspire)

6 .I like to write about different topic.

7. I like to take pictures of nature.

8. I can play the flute

9. I love Mangu

10. I like to be organized.

11. I love cats and hamster.

12. I was bored in April

13. My favorite color is Blue ( because i love ocean and sky)

14. My favorite drink is coffee and lemon juice

15. I am the nerd of school

16. I like warrior of Lovato and El problema of Arjonas

17. My past motivate me to be better.

18. I will be a lawyer

19. I live my life 100%

20. I work as a babysitter.