When movies taught us about love, they showed us how feelings are, and how perfect is life when they are corresponded.

They taught us that speaking about your feelings for someone is good, because love can change the world. They taught us about happy endings.

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But, what happens when the happy ending becomes a bad one? When we get hurt, or we hurt people? What happens when your heart gets broken? Not one, or two, but many times?

Movies or grown ups never taught us how dangerous can feelings be, or how to manage the fact that we can´t talk about them without feeling unprotected.

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Love shouldn´t be complicated.

As humans, we complicate love a lot.

You want to ask someone out? Do it! Why wouldn´t you?
You don´t want to be with someone anymore? Talk to him/her! What is that powerful that you keep you mouth shut, even though it´s killing you?
You like someone? Maybe even love her/him? Tell her/him! Why is it so damn complicated to just say it?
You want to talk about your feelings? Do it! It´s as simple as that.

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But it´s not. Because we care about what him/her or any other person, can think, or say. We learnt in one way or another, that talking about our feelings makes us weak.

We are afraid of the answer. We prefer to continue living the good or bad life we have instead of speaking out, because we are so afraid our life can change with just some words.

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Love is not complicated, and neither are feelings. We are. We add a lot of ingredients to the equation so, at the end of the day, loving someone isn´t enough. Not for us.

Love is not complicated. Talking about it is.