Hello so first off I just wanted to start by saying thank you everyone for reading my article today and I hope you enjoy it. So today during school for no apparent reason I was hit with a wave of depression and I had to fight through it and I had fallen asleep for almost 2-3 hours (oops but oh well) anyways during my sleep I had a dream that everyone who had ever sent me a message had actually said their messages to my face and I’m sorry if that sounds weird but its what happens in my brain. When I woke up I seen messages on my phone trying to wake me up. And once I woke up it was like one of my worst days but through it all I still ad that one person to make me happy and to make sure I wasn’t as shit as I once thought I was. I know this Is kinda a lot all in one but I am throwing my brain on here so yea. No matter where I go I know I will truly have friends and thats where my depression and sadness will always lose. I have friends to always kill those two things most of the time they might make me mad or even want to kill them sometimes but I will always have them by my side no matter what Its funny how when most kids are sad they need just someone to say a simple hello or how are you doing but when they don’t wanna hear that I am always here to give them a conversation about anything just to cheer them up and make them feel wanted no matter even if they don’t want me I will still try my best to help them in anyway I can no matter if other people get mad at me I will help if truly need be. I am a very shy person but if I see a sad guy/girl I will always walk right up and introduce myself so they won’t know me as a stranger I want them to know that they have someone who will listen to their thoughts My girlfriend ( @therealmrs_ghost2017) has really bad moments where her depression almost makes her cut and I try to be the best I can for her even though I am truly shit I try my best for her to make her laugh and smile and show her that she is truly not as bad as she sees. She is a little girl trying to find her way through life with nothing more than a guy who doesn’t make her do anything but laugh and learn truly how bad the world is but I am trying to show her what its truly like to have someone to care for her… Thank you for reading this article sorry for it kinda random and all over the place but yea its just what its gonna be like for a while till I end up being sad again