*** This is the first in a spoken word collection that I wrote. It has a deeper meaning to me than the words say. it is very simple, but it hurts my heart to re-read them. Please enjoy my sappy work about a boy who crushed my soul. ***

For years, I always imagined
we were going to be the ones
everybody hoped for.
We would be the ones to prove
that even a childish love can
result in a happily ever after.

My heart would skip beats
when you flashed
that lopsided grin.
I had memorized
every crevice etched into that smile.
It became a friendly hello,
while at the same time,
warning me to what
the future held.

Someway, we created our own odds
and began the journey
that I never wanted to end.

(This image is not mine. Thank you to whoever posted this.)