Golden retriever

dog, animal, and cute image dog, cute, and animal image
Reliable, friendly, kind, intelligent, confident, defender.


dog, animal, and pitbull image animal, dog, and cute image
Loyal, united to his family, energetic, brave.

Springer spaniel

puppy, springer spaniel puppy, and englishspringerspaniel image animal, dog, and puppy image
Affectionate, attentive, intelligent, active, joyful.

Siberian Husky

dog image dog, animal, and husky image
Gentle, outgoing, friendly, intelligent.

Bulldog english & french

dog, cute, and animal image dog, cute, and bulldog image
English: willful, kind, docile, loyal, lazy.
dog, cute, and adorable image dog, cute, and animal image
French: patient, affectionate, cheerful, vivacious, athletic, sociable.


bull terrier, dog, and smile image animals, breed, and dog image
Athletic, faithful, protective, active, trainable.

However, this doesn't means that these breeds are the only ones I love. In fact, I am a eternal lover of dogs, they are the most beautiful animals in the whole world and without a doubt, I would give my own well-being for them. I hope in the not too distant future, to start my own project to provide a home to those dogs without protection.

Remember to adopt, there outside are hundreds of animals waiting for love and a warm family.

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