Hey, dreamers! I'm here to write an idea I recently had for an article! I hope you like it!

I was very asked to write a part 2 of the article "If girls were flowers", and I only have one thing to say: I'm going to write that part 2! Wait a little longer ... but for now I wanted to write a variation of this article and I think you will like it a lot, at least I hope so!

And it will have small descriptions of each planet (girl) for you to be more in this galaxic world.

If you haven't read my article "If girls were flowers", you can check below: 🌻 I hope you like it :)

So let's get into the article!

She is shy as a red fox in the snow. Cold hands are the same as cold hearts. But she has a warm heart, and always has the best advice. She loves books about insects and nature.

girl, beauty, and vintage image book, books, and coffee image aesthetic, alternative, and black and white image fox and animal image

She is full of mystery and shows confidence. She likes to break hearts, because she never wants to be in a relationship, but with that she ends up breaking her own heart. A girl full of energy, but who is often judged as superficial.

girl, beauty, and goals image rose, fire, and aesthetic image fashion, bra, and style image beauty, bed, and eyes image

She knows the world. She loves to travel and likes to talk about everything. Your soul is like a flying bird. She trusts everyone, but often ends up disappointed.

world, travel, and map image girl, beauty, and hair image photography image girl, world, and light image

She has a young soul. The fun for her never ends. Partying and loud music is what she likes the most. She kisses everyone, and does not care what they think. But deep down, she has a fragile heart that needs real friendships.

aesthetic, hipster, and pale image friends, sky, and sunset image girl, smoke, and black image alcohol, red, and aesthetic image

She is a storm. She has a strong opinion and she doesn't change for anyone. She falls in love with the soul, not the physical. She's a feminist. She feels alone and she is insecure.

divine, lugares, and mar image Mature image girl, grunge, and tumblr image girl, sunset, and car image

She is sweet and delights everyone. She walks like a princess, and has a heart full of kindness. Her life is almost perfect, but she lives with insecurities about beauty and always tries to please others. She loves pop music and dancing in front of the mirror.

flowers, wedding, and rose image dress, fashion, and model image hair, curly, and beauty image accessories, cute, and bracelet image

She is an ocean. She's a glass of vodka. Her body is a French sculpture. She had many lovers, but her greatest lover was always herself. Kiss killer, diamond bullets, she is made of steel, but she breaks like glass when someone lies to her.

beauty, freckles, and girl image beach, summer, and ocean image Image by Maria smirnoff, alcohol, and drink image

She's cold as ice. But it's hot like fire. Her soul is full of yellow flowers, and herr heart are roses of ice. She loves books, and old movies. She cries easily, and seeks real friendships.

girl, hair, and beauty image winter, tree, and mountains image flowers, purple, and aesthetic image girl, blonde, and photography image


I tried to do as much aesthetic as possible! I hope you have enjoyed it and I hope you have identified with some planet.

Girls you are amazing, you are not just a planet, you are a whole galaxy full of love and beauty. Love yourself!

Send me messages telling me if you like it! I love talking to you about everything.

See you soon, dreamers! xX

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