Reasons why I'll be missing King Jiyong

1. His perfect smile is my motivation to wake up.

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2. His cute interactions with fans.

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3. Amazing collabs.

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4. The leaders.

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5. Nyongtory

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6. His ''I'm hot and cute at the same time without even trying'' looks.

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7. See him getting embarassed af.

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8. He loves number 8, so I will let it here. There's a lot of things why I love him and he is my ultimate bias. He is such a talented and humble person, and now it's time to say goodbye until the day we can meet again. It's time to do militar duties, and I've here waiting until...Oh, I don't know I'll be missing King Jiyong so much that I'm gonna cry. I'll be praying daily for that lil baby o come save, healthy and happy.

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I love you, my talented king! And no, I'm not crying.