Hey guys! I think that, for a first article, you should know me :)


canal, river, and winter image beautiful, snow, and frost image


boots, fashion, and inspo image black, boots, and cold image


cool, fashion, and fun image fashion, YSL, and style image
hanging out with friends


ocean, sea, and water image sea, blue, and ocean image
the ocean


quotes, pain, and sad image life, miss, and miss you image


badlands, halsey, and hurricane image hurricane, Lyrics, and halsey image
Hurricane - Halsey


book, gelato, and livros image book, read, and room image
Love & Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch


beautiful, sky, and photography image Image by haan bread
Northern Lights


girl, train, and travel image photo, vintage, and writer image

...type of weather

rain, sad, and tumblr image aesthetic, city, and grey image

...item of clothing

long sleeve hoodies image beach, beauty, and fashion image


Image removed Image removed



aesthetic, beauty, and girl image nike, fashion, and black image


Lyrics, blank space, and quotes image Taylor Swift, blank space, and 1989 image
from Blank Space - Taylor Swift


cat, animal, and eyes image Image removed
a cat


beach, blue, and boy image beach, blue, and boy image

...TV series

friends, tv show, and series image friends, chandler bing, and Jennifer Aniston image

...fictional character

riverdale, betty cooper, and Betty image pll, lucy hale, and pretty little liars image accessories, aesthetic, and architecture image cartoon, Sam, and totally spies image
Betty Cooper from Riverdale, Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars, Monica Geller from Friends and Sam from Totally Spies (I think I'm a mix from all of them haha)


mean girls, christmas, and movie image Temporarily removed
Mean Girls

...mythical creature

ocean, sea, and swimming image beach, mermaid, and praia image Image by claudia cat, witch, and Halloween image
a mermaid or a witch

...school subject

quotes, history, and aesthetic image 18th century, antique, and archives image

Hope you liked it! And I wanna tell you that I didn't create this tag and I'm not really sure who's the creator, but you should check the other articles about it, they're very nice too.

P.S: sorry if I made any mistakes, english is not my first language.