I was planning on my first article being a kind of "introducing myself" type thing but nah, mama did raise a quitter.

hogwarts house

blue, aesthetic, and velvet image blue, aesthetic, and ravenclaw image

ilvermorny house

feather, amazing, and glitter image lightning, thunder, and my storm image


fox, animal, and sleep image harry potter, patronus, and hogwarts image


harry potter, hogwarts, and wand image harry potter, hogwarts, and magic image
chestnut wood, unicorn hair core, 14 1/2 in, brittle flexibility


cat, cute, and animal image cat, animals, and cute image
ginger cat

favorite subject

eggs image dragon, sky, and fantasy image
care of magical creatures

favorite professor

chocolate, food, and yummy image brown, sweater, and aesthetic image
remus lupin

quidditch position

office chairs brisbane image office chairs brisbane image
wow look at,,, these chairs,, they both look... so nice to sit in

wand, stone, or cloak

cold, tumblr, and hipster image photography image
the cloak because the dudes that had the wand and stone died and I am not currently in the possession of a death wish so I mean

male and female characters you hate the most?

animal, mouse, and rat image gold and art image
peter pettigrew
art, flowers, and vintage image cat, pink, and white image
dolores umbridge

favorite male and female characters?

kris4a image harry potter, snitch, and quidditch image
harry potter
hair, girl, and red image book, harry potter, and quidditch image
ginny weasley (homegirl is actually my all-time favorite character but yeah)

Alright that's all I got for now, thanks for taking a minute to look through all this!!