Feminism. We all know the word. But what is feminism exactly? Some people think that feminists are against men. But that’s not true. In this article I will explain you what feminism is and why the feminismcommunity should be stronger.

First things first: what is feminism? Feminism means equality between men and women. So no: it doesn’t mean that feminists are against men. But if men don’t treat us as equals and we stand up, then yes; we are against those men. But in the first place does feminism mean equality between all genders.

Huh? Equality? There’s already equality, right? No. Unfortunately not. For example: on the average, women still get less salary then men. Why? Yeah, I don’t know.

And now the answer to the question why the feminismcommunity should be stronger. Well, let’s face it: how many times were you scared for a group of boys at the corner of the street. Yeah, me too. Have you ever been scared on street by a group of men? Yeah me too. Somehow, it looks like men have some kind of ‘control’ over us. I know, we are all independent humans, nut still. Do you think a boy has ever been scared of a group of girls? Or a woman? I don’t think so too.

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Médecins sans frontières (doctors without borders) have made its name really clear. Lately they were in the news; they would have abused women in excange for medical helo. They truly know no borders, do they?

The same would have been happened by Oxfam Novib. There would have been sexual assaultment/abuse too. Crazy right?! Those women need help, but the only thing they get is even more damage. How dare they?!

But how? Where did they get the idea of doing this? They don’t need to, right? Right. And somehow, they get away with it most of the time. That shouldn’t be the way of the world these days.

So we should stand up for ourself. They are not gonna do it for us. We are no dolls which can be used by who and how they want. We are independent women who should take care of eachother. We should fix eachother’s crown and we should feel safe by eachother. Instead of feeling awkward to tell anyone what happened to you, we should tell and help. Really help. These men should not get away with the terrible trauma they caused.

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But how are we gonna reach equality between men and women? First of all: don’t give up. We are not gonna reach anything by giving up. Keep fighting for your body, ‘cause you are the boss of your body. It is your property, no one else's. And keep on asking for your salary. You aren’t annoying, you are in your good right. And how are we gonna get rid of the fear for a group of boys? Well, if you really feel unsave, go to somewhere public. That’s the only answer that I can find at this point.

So please girls, support girls.