Hi guys, hope you're having an amazing day, week, life whatever. In this article I'm gonna talk about my fashion staples, the clothes that you just need to have in your closet.

1. a go to jacket

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Mine is "thrifted", sort of, I stole it from my older brother. It doen't have to be necessarily denim but just a jacket that goes with everything and that you can throw on when you're in a hurry and know it will look good.

2. LBD

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You knew this one was coming,you can't talk about fashion staples without mentioning the litle black dress.

3. a good pair of jeans

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high waisted, skinny, boyfriend, light or dark washed, ripped, whatever, you just need a good pair of good quality jeans that you look and feel good in.

4. tees

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A tee with a cool design, quote or plain always comes in handy, it's a must have in every closet to have a good selection of them.

5. flannels

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This one is more of a personal favourite, I LOVE flannels and can't live without them.

6. a go to sneaker

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My personal sneaker of choice are the vans sk8 hi in black and white, I wear them everyday they look good and are so confy.

7. hoops

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I wear hoops religiously, the bigger the better, I feel so naked without them.

That's it for my fashion staples, hope this helps u in any way shape or form.
Love sofia <33