Hi Everyone!☾ Another day of the 30 Day Writing Challenge drumb roll please. In this article I will writing about an area in my life that I'd like to improve. The area in my life I would like to improve will be to not to overthink so much. It has gotten to the point where I overthink about getting a beverage at Starbucks or asking a simple question to someone. I didn't always feel this way so I know it can be changed.

Overthinking has made me feel sad and even cry some days. I know I do not want to keep feeling that way. Today has actually been the first day where I have let myself enjoy the day and not think about anything else but myself. I like the sound of that because I used to never out myself first and well now I do. Hopefully if any of you want to change anything in your life know what it is and stick to it. Everything is possible not impossible. I hope you keep enjoying your day wherever it is that you are in ㋡ Sending positive vibes your way, xo elipoise.

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