Hello Dreamers! Today I decided to write an article about photography. I enjoy photography. I think it's a fun experiment with 'angles' and 'poses' when taking a photo. Enough talking, here it is; Photography Ideas...

BFF Pics

girl, friends, and hair image beach, summer, and girl image friends, friendship, and hair image summer, girl, and friends image

Pictures Of Food

donuts, food, and chocolate image food, burger, and fries image ice cream, food, and summer image food, sushi, and orange image

Travel Pictures

girl, summer, and beach image mountains, water, and nature image forest, grunge, and hipster image travel, city, and architecture image

Pictures With Your Pet
(If you have one)

girl, puppy, and dog image animal, cute, and rabbit image cat, girl, and hair image horse and girl image

Animal Pictures

fox, animal, and cute image animal, elephant, and nature image animal, girl, and animals image animal, cute, and goat image

Pictures of Landscapes

nature image mountains image nature, snow, and winter image landscape, snow, and winter image

Boyfriend Girlfriend Pictures

couple, love, and boy image love, couple, and hug image couple, love, and hug image travel, couple, and nature image

Creating An 'Aesthetic Album'
This can be done in rainbow order or the colours can be placed randomly.

raspberry, fruit, and food image rose, flowers, and red image girl, summer, and watermelon image rose, flowers, and pink image amazing, nature, and grand canyon image castle, nature, and fall image aesthetic, canyon, and landscape image autumn, fall, and tree image vintage, indie, and orange image flowers, sunflower, and sky image article, flowers, and yellow image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image forest, nature, and tree image balloon, landscape, and sky image green, nature, and landscape image nature, forest, and fog image aesthetic, blue, and landscape image city, blue, and building image blue, ice, and nature image blue, water, and indie image nature, mountains, and pink image mountains, pink, and nature image sky, pink, and purple image beach, purple, and sea image beige, desert, and sand image city, building, and travel image fashion, style, and outfit image dog, cute, and puppy image black, aesthetic, and sea image Image removed black, blackandwhite, and bnw image Image removed

That finishes this article off. Hope you enjoyed! Here is my article collection if you want to check it out!

Amearli xoxo