hi, amazing people from the internet! another article and in this i came to give some tips on how you can relax that day tense and run. i hope to help you and if any tips work, tell me here!

play a relaxing song

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eliminate that bad vibe from your body and put a song that makes you dance.

spotify playlist ↬ https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWU0ScTcjJBdj

lights and candles

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i bet you will feel better if you turn on some lights and some candles, you feel more comfortable!!

read a book

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that's wonderful, take that book that's been on the shelf for a long time. turn off your phone and relax your mind.

drink a tea or hot drinks

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this goes from person to person but i really love it, it makes me more relaxed

take care of yourself

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i love when I'm in those days of 'my god I do not have any crap to do' and well this is one of my favorite things, take care of me, my skin, my hair, it makes me feel superrrrr well.

leave aside your responsibilities a bit (homework, work)

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at least for a day, it can be difficult but take some time for you, as in the previous tip, take care of yourself, sometimes all these stresses of work, school will end us. take that day off and sleep all day and do what you want!!!

turn off your cell phone a little

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stay away from social networks a little, watch a movie with your friends and family, hug whoever is by your side,play with your pet, talk to your mother!!!

see the sunset

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this is my favorite of all. that stressful afternoon stop the car on the way back from work or even in your room, put that music calm and see that work of art!

this was the article today, I hope you liked it! call me on the chat to talk!!!

xo, L.