Hi! So I saw this challenge going around and I
thought it was so cool so now I'm about to try it :)

Alrighty then, here we go!

|| A V E R I ||

A; Apricot

pink, gold, and orange image free, quotes, and mind image alternative, apricot, and beauty image makeup, glitter, and pink image

V; Violet

aesthetic, alternative, and clouds image alternative, grunge, and indie image purple, aesthetic, and neon image grunge and pink image

E; Emerald

red, sadness, and sad image green, slytherin, and aesthetic image light, colors, and fun image snake, green, and aesthetic image

R; Russet

eyes, brown, and eye image art, girl, and aesthetic image turtle, beach, and animal image yellow, boy, and aesthetic image

I; Indigo

travel, indie, and blue image blue, water, and indie image eyes, blue, and aesthetic image blue, theme, and car image

That's it! I hope you all enjoyed the colors and such :)

have a nice day x