Well, its the first time I do something like this but right now I need to talk about these things I think about all the time.
Firs thing, I've decided to do things that before would scare me, and one of this things is to travel alone.
I've decided to go to Paris at April and by the way I want to know if u people know places to go shopping (cheap places) for clothes or accessories. Actually I'll be alone only at traveling because in Paris will be my best friend waiting for me, she lives there. Well today, I've done another awkward thing I'd say, it was snowing and I stayed in the middle of the street, with my head up, just looking at the snow. I stayed like that for a long time, I started becoming a living snowman. Well, I've written nonsense things, but anyway, somehow this is how I'm feeling right now. I just wanted to say that to make our lives worth it, we should dare to do things that scare us the most, I mean no dangerous things, don't get me wrong. For today that's enough. Goodbye.