I love reading articles on whi about the writer's personal style, I think it's so cool that each person's style is unique and different. I thought I'd write my own today to give some inspiration to people who are stuck in a fashion rut and want to try something a little new!

  • Hair
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I love messy, effortless hairstyles, mostly because I'm terrible at doing hair and need something that is easy to do. I'm really loving messy buns right now!
  • Trousers
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I feel like trousers are never really thought about, most girls just throw on a pair of skinny jeans/leggings and leave. This is such a shame because there are so many cute trousers out there which can really upgrade an outfit.
  • Tops
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If you want to make an outfit more elegant and put together, WEAR A BLOUSE. It can make any outfit ten times classier and adds a bit of French girl chic. Strappy tops are great when you want to show a bit more skin, especially if you layer necklaces over it.
  • Coats and Jumpers
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Trench coats are a classic, oversized jumpers make your legs look longer, and off-the-shoulder jumpers go great with mom jeans and a statement belt. Faux fur coats are really pretty, especially the grey and blue ones!
  • Jewellery
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I prefer more subtle jewellery so you can wear it with other pieces. I prefer gold jewellery over silver, however it's really a personal preference. Chokers are really pretty, and if you want to be a little different from everyone else, go for a metal one instead of the classic plain black lace.
  • Sunglasses
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I LOVE sunglasses so much, they make you look so mysterious. My favourites are the classic shaped, dark tinted ones as shown in the 2nd and 3rd pics, but there are so many different sunglasses shapes, so my best advice would be to go into a shop and try them on until you find a pair that suits you.

That's it for this article, I hope you found it helpful. Remember that everyone's style is totally unique and they are all awesome! It's really difficult to find shops that have cute clothes, so here are a few I really recommend;