Winter, is hear and its, really hard to be productive, when its 5 degrees Celsius.So here are some of the things I do on this days, and yes I try to be productive( most days at least)

Drink warm things

Okay, this seems like a pretty obvious advise, but its import to leasing to our body during this colds day.
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A good cup of tea( right now I'm into roses and french vanilla) or hot drink of your choice would do.

A sweater its never to much

One of the things I love about colds it's that I can wear my oversized sweater (they come from my best friends closet I don't gonna lie).
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they feel like a huge blanket but hey way cuter


I really enjoy a good book with a cup of the next to the fireplace.
book Superthumb books book
I prefer the thick books on winter.


I have always thought that having a journal its such a good idea, and I tend to write a bit more when its cold
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I prefer the one that has a soft cover, you can take them anywhere


A good series or movie its always a good idea for cold days, especially if you have some to watch them with.
animal bed autumn article
Don't forget a good bowl of snacks, they area most have.

I live you the link of one of my favorite spotify playlist

I hope you have a good day desides form the weather

Hope Faith, Love
Milka Real

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