Okay, so yesterday, I was in my science class, and I was done with my work, so I decided to get on my computer and listen to music. Then the kid next to me asks, "Why? Why do you listen to 5 Seconds of Summer?", like they were horrible singers. I'm keeping in mind that we don't listen to the same type of music, but I don't diss his music in his face. And trust me, I have a few words to say about his type of music. But I listen to 5 Seconds of Summer because I like their music. Because it's actually meaningful to me. Because even though they weren't physically there, they've been there for me more than anyone else has. Because they are part of the main reason I'm still here. So you have no right to go and diss my music when they have saved millions of people's lives. So now I ask the kid, what did your favorite singer/rapper or whatever they are do? I am not gonna answer this question with what I actually wanna say, because I don't want to offend anyone who listens to this type of music. It's not my style, and sometimes I wonder why some people actually listen to it, but people who don't listen to my type of music ask these questions about me all the time. We both have the right to listen to whatever type of music we want, but we don't need to have a full-blown argument about our music. So, as I sit in science class, I try not to yell in his face. I listen to my music because I like it, just like you listen to yours because you like it.

I really hope this article didn't offend anyone.If it did, I am so sorry. This is just how I honestly feel about this situation.