This is my first article so I decided to do something basic.That's why this article will be about the famous 30 song challenge.I already know that some users might be sick of it,but I think it's a good start.

1.) Song title with a color in it

heart, wallpaper, and black image girl, black, and ulzzang image
Black - GD feat. Jenny

2.) Song title with a number in it

iphone, apple, and headphones image Image removed
23 - Chase Atlantic

3.) Song that reminds me of summer

coast, spain, and spanish image enrique iglesias, flamenco, and bailando image
Bailando - Enrique Iglesias feat. Gente de Zona

4.) A song reminding me of someone I rather forget

love, gossip girl, and quotes image couple, boyfriend, and girlfriend image
Hoodie - Hey Violet

5.) A song need to be played loud

tvxq and mirotic image
Mirotic - DBSK/TVXQ

6.) A song that makes me want to dance

Image by Silvana Castañeda Espinosa pink, bubblegum bitch, and marina and the diamonds image
How to be Heartbreaker - Marina and the diamonds

7.) A song to drive to

sky, mountains, and nature image sky, car, and sunset image
3 AM - Finding Hope

8.) A song about alcohol or drugs

car, heart, and grunge image chase atlantic and music image
Cassie - Chase Atlantic

9.) A song that makes me happy

love, neon, and pink image pink, theme, and light image
Love me right - EXO

10.) A song that makes me sad

quotes, grunge, and protect image couple, ulzzang, and korean image
I'll protect you - Kim Jaejoong

11.) A song you'll never get tired of

eminem, music, and rap image Image by a n a
Lose yourself - Eminem

12.) Song from my preteen years

party, drink, and alcohol image dance, gif, and step up 2 image
Low - Flo Rida feat. T-Pain

13.) A song I like from the 70's

summer, Aloha, and hotel image california, summer, and pretty image
Hotel California - Eagles

14.) A song I'd like to play at my wedding

beach, photography, and wedding image amor, cancion, and easel image
Sabor a mi - Luis Miguel

15.) A song I like that's a a cover by another artist

heavy, linkin park, and Lyrics image city, girl, and light image
Heavy - Linkin Park feat. Kiiara (Cover by Chanyeol from EXO)

16.) A song that's a classic favorite

kpop, oppa, and style image aesthetic, wanderlust, and blue image
Gangnam Style - PSY

17.) A classic song

vintage image ballet, dance, and pink image
Nutcracker/Flower Waltz - Tchaikovsky

18.) A song I'd sing with someone in a duet for karaoke

city, grunge, and light image is, lights, and losing image
Lights Off - Jay Sean

19.) A song from the year I was born

eminem, slim shady, and rap boy image
Without Me - Eminem

20.) A song that makes me think about life

kids, lost, and quotes image grunge, lost, and soul image
Генералы песчаных карьеров - (I don't know the artist,I know it's a song from a Russian movie about orphan children and how our society treats them)

21.) A song that has many meanings to me

emma stone, ryan gosling, and city of stars image emma stone, ryan gosling, and city of stars image
City of Stars - Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

22.) A song that has a person's name in the title

gif, king of pop, and mjj image black lips, king of pop, and michael jackson image
Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

23.) A song I think everyone has to listen to

indie, Lyrics, and music image couple, couples, and follow image
Walls Could Talk - Halsey

24.) A song by a band I wish were still together

asian, changmin, and dbsk image accurate, fact, and line image

25.) A song y an artist no longer living

kpop, Jonghyun, and key image aesthetic, edit, and Jonghyun image
Y Si Fuera Ella - Kim Jonghyun

26.) A song that makes me want to fall in love

building, city, and aesthetic image beautiful, by, and baekhyun image
Beautiful - Baekhyun

27.) A song that breaks my heart

Image by exolasa Image by exolasa Image by exolasa all of my life image
All of my life - Park Won

28.) A song by an artist with a voice you love

aesthetic, fine, and quotes image house, pool, and home image
Fine - Taeyeon

29.) I song reminding me of my childhood

foggy, love it, and one way image amsterdam, marihuana, and cannabis image
One Way Ticket - Eruption

30.) One song that reminds me of myself

quotes, life, and pink image unicorn, clouds, and pink image
I - Taeyeon feat. Verbal Jint

That was it.I hope there are some songs you even know or like too.See you in my next article.Hopefully soon.