Hello beautifuls! Today I am writing an article about myself. The "This is me challenge" is the perfect opportunity to show you, who I am as a person. I hope you enjoy reading!

my style

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fashion, style, and jeans image
fashion, jeans, and style image
fashion, style, and outfit image
there exists an high-fashion-me and an alternative-lazy-me


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I love all kind of blue colours

my interests

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horse and jump image
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I like any kind of sport! I am doing karate, I am riding and I love to go on adventures, but napping is also a thing I really like to do.

my character

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cara delevingne, model, and crazy image
It is possible to say that I am like Styles Stilinski from Teen Wolf - I am pretty crazy and sarcastic, sometimes sassy but normaly friendly

my favorite series

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gif, teen wolf, and scott mccall image
eleven, gif, and stranger things image
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The best serie ever is TEEN WOLF! But I also like friends, Stranger Things and Grimm

favourite films

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beautiful creatures and kiss image
gif image
leonardo dicaprio, the great gatsby, and gatsby image
Footloose, Beautiful Creatures, Forest Gump, The Great Gatsby

my taste in music

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khalid image
5sos, michael clifford, and calum hood image
I loooove all of these musicians soooo muuuch!


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quotes, life, and pyjamas image

favourite animals

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Look at these cute eyes, aren't they adorable? Horses, dogs and wolfs are my favourite animals.


food and pasta image
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People, let's be real, there doesn't exist anything better than pasta, nachos, brownies and PHISH FOOD!

That's it for now. I hope you got to know me better. I'd love to hear about your opinion! -XOXO Jamie