There is this man who holds the key to my heart. Suddenly one day, it was torn apart.This man had taught me everything that I needed to know in life. But I never really paid attention, until he had to go. He gave me love and made such an imprint in my life, but it's all over now. He no longer has to fight. He tried to teach me how to be strong, but the day he left I wasn't that strong. He is gone now it is hard to believe. This man is my Papa who I will never see again in my lifetime. But I will see him again, this I am sure of. The day will come when it's time for me to go, and I will be able to see him again. But it may not be for a few years so I'll hold him dear in all of my memories, and close to my heart. Cause the day we meet again, I know for sure, he'll never leave me again, just how I plan to not leave him.