this is for you , you who get bully evryday because "ur weird" , the you who cry evry night , the you who get slaped , disrispecded because of your sexual choice , you the girl who get told to be quiet when a man talk and to wear shame like a second skin , you the boy who can't cry because ur suposed to be strong, you who cry for ur grades yet you so ambitious , the tired and sad you , you who see ur crush evry morning talking and flirting with other girls , you the girl called "disrispectful" or even "slut" because ur wearing a skirt in school , YOU , feeling bad because u daydream evrything and can't focus , the you that is ashamed to talk in public and have panic attack , you the loner , you the girl who puts too much make- up to feel pretty . if you are a weirdo scream it , show it and don't be ashamed (honestly fuck what they think ) , cryyy evry time you want , be a mess , for homo NEVER i said NEVER be ashamed this is WHO YOU ARE ,YOU ARE BORN LIKE THIS and hiding it will only make it worse scream who you are , and if they don't like it (they'll die mad ;) ) , if you believe in equality of gendres NEVER GIVE UP we need more people like you , boy have the right tobe emotional you don't have to hide ur feelings , if you are sensitive then show it ! , school don't show ur inteligence but ur memory ( try again and again and do this for you , ur studying for you to live the life you want ) or if it's just not for you than leave but be sure that what u will do leads you to ur dream life , he's probably flirting with others because you seem so distant and not interested go annnnd ask him out ! or if you are too shy just go talk to him :) put that skirt , and tell em to (fuck of HAH ) ur not alowed to dress for boys anyway always show who you are and don't be shy about it !
ps: srry if there is mistakes english is not my language :)
thnx for reading and understanding
love y'all
cassie .