Hi guys! I hope you're all doing great. This is my first article and it'll be about my favorite bands. Music is really important to me, so I thought it'd be great to share my favorite music with you!

1) U2

u2 image u2 image

They've been in the Rock game since 41 years, and they're still a good as the first day!

My favorite songs:

- Bad
- Where the streets have no name
- Every breaking wave
- Ultraviolet
- Mysterious ways

It's really hard to choose favorite song from them, because I love them all!

2) Noel Gallagher's high flying birds

gallagher, noel, and noel gallagher's hfb image noel gallagher and oasis image

Fav songs:

- If I had a gun
- Dead in the water
- Holy Mountain
- The death of you and me

Once again, really hard to choose my favorites!

3) Oasis

After Noel Gallagher, Oasis of course!

liam gallagher, noel gallagher, and oasis image liam gallagher, noel gallagher, and oasis image

Fav songs:

- Don't look back in anger
- Supersonic
- Wonderwall
- Champagne Supernova
- Whatever

And many others!


That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed it!