hi! this is my ABC challenge. I have seen it a looooooot of time so I try it ^^ hope yoy enjoy


Marilyn Monroe, black and white, and vintage image Marilyn Monroe image
Marilyn Monroe, 'cause she's The queen and she killed the game

Best movies

kingsman and eggsy image Colin Firth, harry hart, and eggsy unwin image movie, kingsman, and Colin Firth image taron egerton, kingsman, and eggsy image

Current time

funny, true, and me image
It's 7:00pm and I was supposed to be ready for a party buuuuuut my bed is so comfortable

Drink you last had

coffee, flowers, and journal image
hot chocolat in winter is so sweet

Everyday start with

bed, girl, and room image
a shower cause the hot water is priceless

Favourite soul

quotes, atticus, and wild image
loving my boyfriend, every month, week, day, hour, minute, and second

Grossest Memory

art, artist, and body image art, artist, and body image
yesterday I paint my bedroom with my boyfriend, at the end we looked quiete like this


accessories, couples, and girl image

In love with

couple, love, and boyfriend image bae, boyfriend, and couple image music, vintage, and vinyl image 80s, black and white, and michael jackson image
weak up next to my boyfriend and, for sure, music


girls image art, beautiful, and girl image
beauty and sex equality

Killed Someone

Image removed Image removed death note, anime, and gif image
the time is the worst ennemie

Last Time you cried

city, night, and light image quotes, life, and laugh image
every hour, cause my boyfriend make me cry of laugh everytime 😂

Middle name

mar, natureza, and trio image isabelle mathers image
I have 2 middle name, Marie and Isabelle

Number of siblings

jon snow, sansa stark, and game of thrones image brother, siblings, and sister image
3, 1 little brother and 2 sisters

One wish

wedding image australia, beach, and summer image
Marry my bestfriend in Australia ( a goals in our life to marry each other in Australie 😍)

Person you last called / Texted

yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image icon, Anne Hathaway, and girl image
my boyfriend

Question You’re Always Asked

what article can I write? 🤷😂

Reasons to smile

amor, kiss, and romance image love, couple, and kiss image

Song You last sang

Image by n i c o l e ♡ bruno mars. image
grenade - Bruno Mars

Time you woke up

breakfast, milk, and cereals image food, breakfast, and coffee image

Underwear colour

lingerie, black, and fashion image black and white, fashion, and girls image

Vacation place(s)

travel, summer, and beach image

Worst Habits

Mature image animal, chilling, and forest image
I'm alwayyyyyyyyys chilling

X-Rays you’ve had

flowers, smile, and braces image birthday, braces, and future image
yes, I have braces

Your favourite food

food, green, and fresh image food, macaroons, and ‎macarons image food, burger, and fries image coffe, smile, and smiley image
Salads, macaron, hamburg (and chips) and cofee 😍 but I love every type of food 😉