I'm an over thinker. There are thoughts bottled up inside my mind and feelings caged inside my heart. Thoughts and feelings that I've never unveiled. They lay in the part of my mind which I rarely like to visit, but it invites itself and hits me on times I never expect it to. The things I'll share here, I've never shared with anyone. In fact I'm too scared to even acknowledge the fact that I feel such emotions. When anybody asks me how I am feeling, the only reply that comes out of my mouth is 'I'm fine." Now you might think that, that's what all the sad people say and you might think that if you're suffering, why not tell someone? But darling, it's not as easy as it sounds. When you feel emotions like I do, then you' re just afraid that the other person will think you're doing it for attention or that you're lying about it. People like me always fear the fact that why would another human care about how you feel ? Why would anybody else want to help you with your life and your feelings? Why would anybody believe you? Why would anybody think that helping you is important? After all, we all are too caught up in our own lives to even wonder about how the other person is doing in their's.

Stay kind, and be happy. Oh and, twerk it like Miley.
The world will be a better place one day.(Only without Trump though)
femme fatale