The 16-year-old of me was really the best version of me. I really cherish my own life back then and trying to live life to the fullest. Its been 6 years I'm not being a free spirits teenagers and I really proud of her, so it's so hard for me to writing this. I hope you found this entertaining to read and if one of you are have not read my third day answering the question, don't need to worry, here's the link about the article:

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List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could. —————————————————————————————

1). Keep it going what you do. Never give up. Being curious its okay.

It’s okay to be failure on what you love the most, sometimes you can’t got what you always wanted and learned from that, and then becoming a better person. Just because you made mistakes, makes you really upset about it and just giving up on that, so you were searching a something new, and you thought maybe you good at it. I mean being curious and learning new hobby is really good for your skill development but please don’t throw away your old one, like a writing. Now, you struggling on that. But its fine.

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2). Just be yourself and Love yourself.

Don’t ever trying so hard to be like a most girls. Its okay if you are curious about it and just want to give it try, but please not trying to change like them. Because you always will be someone different. You are you, not anybody else, you are unique on your own way, you have flaws and that’s what made you so special and attractive. You are perfect just the way you are, just loving it.

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3). Don’t overthinking about boy or Relationship.

If i can choose what a songs perfectly match to this, its gonna be Jorja Smith – Teenage Fantasy. The lyrics its really hit me so bad. You have been dreaming so hard about a boy that you even not wanted it first, just because you just want to dating with someone, feeling cliche romantic teenager and when you finally had one, you fall so hard and made you forgot about everything. Just because you were afraid if you lose him you would be difficult to find another one. Hell no lady, there will be someone right for you, but its just not yet to come.

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4). Get to know yourself more, so you don’t feel lost.

Actually, you are really have a strong good basic personality but you just don’t realize it or even want to know more about it. You were just take it all what people said and thinking the same way with them. For them, you are always be never good enough. Never afraid to embrace yourself, even your own flaws, so in the future you will be not feeling lost again.

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5). Just have fun, no need to worry.

No need to worry with what are you doing is right or not because teenage days is the time you are learning about it. Just having fun, laugh it loud. If even when you doing something wrong, being selfish and seems like everyone in the world hate it, just don't give a damn about it. Everything gonna be alright, and keep it going what you do. Take the good things experience you had and throw it away the bad one.

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6). Always feeling grateful.

I know you always grateful for everything that you had and not take everything for granted. But i just want to tell you that not forget to always be thankful. So you will be more cherish a life in everything what you do and be happy.

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7). Don’t be afraid about the future.

What are you worry about on that time its not really matters, even when your future plan is not going to be as what you planed. Don't be afraid if its gonna be effect your future or you would not be successful in the future. No girl, you are only human and you're perfectly flawed, there will be something flawed on you're plan too. No need to worry, just always pray to God for the best, and He is the Best Planner.

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8). Open your mind, being right or wrong its not matters.

Always be open on every chance, have a open minded personality so you are not being a judgemental person. it's really good to fight for everything that you thought right, but if it becomes a wrong choice, its not that matters. You are just teenager anyway, just take it as for a good life lesson.

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9). Study hard, girl.

Your planning will be going be as you planed if only you work hard for it. You always can tell everyone what they said is going to be wrong, and just because you careless on that time, makes you would be failing on your dream and not get what you wanted. I just hope you covering your ears, don’t get easily emotional. Actually, what truly i want getting to say is have a strong heart and mind also keep focusing on study.

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10). More Confidence

Be confidence. I know your always lack on it, but just try to be more confidence. If it is going to be bad, at least you tried your best.

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Once again, I'm sorry if there still have a bad grammar on this article. I'm still learning English and that's all for now, see you tomorrow!

Love, Ven