I love reading! And because of this I want to share my favorite books in hope that someone read then too!! We will have some classics and also some recents. I hope you like then as much as I do.

henry fonda and the grapes of wrath image
1 - The favorite of all time. The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck Tell us a history of a family that run away from Oklahoma to California to get jobs. They suffer a lot and when you are reading, suddenly you start love this family. In the photo we have Henry Fonda who plays an important character from the book to a movie.
365, books, and east of eden image
2- East Of Eden - John Steinbeck - Yeah, I love this man. Long history about two familys. Since de 1800 until the First War. Amazing!!
book, livro, and brave new world image
3-Brave New World - Aldous Huxley What a book!!! This is about an future where people are literally made for a work and things like love and suport doesn't exist.
1984, books, and deep image
4- 1984 - George Orwell This book looks like the previous, but here we have more political and why the idea of a communist is not good.
Alexander Koch, dean norris, and rachelle lefevre image
5 - My favorite book from the master King... Under the Dome - Stephen King When I started to read I was a little afraid because it's a big book!! But you will see, you can not stop reading. I was obessessed with the good guys and hate the bad guys... really! Makes think about the people in charge in a town and how people can be false.

This is just 5 of my favorite books. If you enjoy I can make an article of the others and also of my favorite book series.