Hello, beautiful souls of WHI! 🌌 I've just had the best idea EVER! * So much modesty.😂🙄 *

I'm generally a happy and positive person. And I do my best to spread this joy with everyone around me.

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But sometimes I go through these moods when nothing bright comes my way. I suddenly cannot see all the little things that used to make me happy.

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Do you know what I mean? Tell me if that's relatable or this is just me being weird.

So here's what I will do (I advise you to to the same) :

Take a piece of paper/ a notebook. Whenever you feel on cloud nine, write it down. Why do you feel so happy? What are the things you are grateful for? What is the thing you would not change? What do you like about you? Compliment yourself! Show no modesty! Encourage yourself with the best words you can think of!

Then draw. Attach a picture. Use glitter - do whatever you need to express your amazing mood. When you're done, seal it in an envelope and keep it somewhere safe.

Next time you feel down, open the letter. Hopefully, it will make you remember that YOU can be happy... or at least it will make you smile.

Let me know how it goes!

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