so i saw this thing going around WHI recently and i thought that its really cool so i decided to do it aswell :)

so my name is barbora. (nice to meet u)

B urgundi

fashion, style, and outfit image flowers, rose, and tumblr image Image removed beauty, curls, and ombre image

A maranth

beautiful, colour, and pink image colour, flowers, and nature image colors, fabric, and materials image 35mm, film, and purple image

R ose gold

aesthetic, beauty, and skin image dress, vogue, and girl image architecture, interior, and luxury image artist, style, and Brushes image

B lond

vintage, sunflower, and flowers image girl, flowers, and glasses image color, corte, and look image hair, girl, and blonde image

O range peel

aesthetic, chrome, and fruit image fashion, style, and beauty image orange, orange peel, and oranges image beautiful, orange peel, and hearts image

R ose taupe

makeup, glitter, and eyeshadow image lipstick, cosmetics, and makeup image flowers, rose, and luxury image aesthetic, beige, and classy image

A ero

aero, blue, and mint image sky, travel, and airplane image aesthetic, airplane, and plane image girl blur sweater image

soo i guess thats it! make sure to do one of these too and send me link, i really love reading those!