We need to organize our fandom more. I was thinking we should make a platform on every social media you can think of where posts are placed whenever something related to 24K is released. This could be either official posts or a post related to fan content, such as crack videos being released or reaction videos. I think this would make it a lot easier for 24U to find 24K content and it will be easier for new people to find them.

But I need a lot of people to help execute this plan. I need people who want to be in charge of one of those social media accounts and update it when something is released.

There a couple of platforms I think we should definitely have this on, and those are: Tumblr, Twitter, Wordpress, Facebook , Instagram (if that's possible), WeHeartIt ofcourse and Amino Apps. But every social media platform you can think of is welcome of course.

Are there any people who are interested in doing this?
If you are, you can e-mail me here: meanotherself@gmail.com

Also, please share this message so I can get as many people to help out as possible.

*Edit: We currently have people for Twitter, Tumblr, IG and WeHeartIt. Other social media spots are still open :D