So Saturday night, i went to this party with my friend. I just moved here, so i only know a handful of people, so going into this party i had no idea who any of them were. There was a boy though and wow, he was beautiful. I looked at him once and i couldn't stop. His smile could light up all the stars in the galaxy. We were together for most of every hour that night. He was so sweet, the sweetest iv'e ever met.

I came home that night and i kept repeating, i'm in love with this guy. I'm in love. Ladies, fellas, u know what i mean when u meet someone and you're immediately like wow. It was almost like a celebrity crush, most likely they don't know you and would never go for you but you still obsess over the thought of them. That was until he reached out to me. We talked all day and all night and i was so happy.

But of course, this is life we're talking about, things are never perfect. He started to ask me questions, questions like if i was a virgin. That was the first sign. He continued to ask me these provocative questions and it seemed like every one got worse. Of course, i didn't think much of it, after all this guy who i was super into was talking to me so there wasn't much to complain about.

The next clue was his girlfriend. He had told me that they broke up, but people were telling me other wise. I'm still not sure at all what's true and whats not, but it doesn't really madder at this point. By the time we were here in the story, i had broken down into tears. I was a rebound, or even worse, a side chick. But did that stop me? Did that make me back away? Of course not because i guess that wasn't enough. He began to ask me if i'd have sex with him, but not just once, all the time, because he was lonely. At that point, i just felt like an object. But who's to blame more then myself? I chose to continue, and only god knows why.

As the night went on, things got worse than worse. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. It broke my heart. You see, I don't want to be his distraction. I never did. I just simply hoped he could want to be something more, But i was wrong. So to all the ladies and men getting used by these hopeless fuckboys, don't loose hope, because they aren't all like this. And you are more than just a favor, you are more than just a distraction. You deserve to receive the same love you give out.