hi guys, this is my (real) name in colors

G - Gray

rose, flowers, and pink image girl, Devil, and aesthetic image sad, hurt, and hell image love, snow, and quotes image

I - Indigo

girl, aesthetic, and choker image blue, light, and aesthetic image city, white, and interior image book, blue, and coffee image

A - Amethyst

Image by Гробыня Склепова quotes and fuckfeelings image city, purple, and light image aesthetic, amethyst, and purple image

N - Navy Blue

blue, dark, and navy blue image blue image blue, theme, and ocean image blue, dark, and aesthetic image

D - Dandelion

girl, flowers, and yellow image car, once upon a time, and emma swan image yellow, hand, and alternative image yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image

R - Ruby

red, aesthetic, and light image red, ruby, and aesthetic image heels, aesthetic, and shoes image rose, flowers, and light image

A - Aqua

aesthetic, fresh, and girls image turquoise, blue, and travel image summer, ocean, and blue image turtle, beach, and animal image

how to pronounce it : gee-ah-n-drah