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when i was supposed to write this article, i just kinda looked at the blank screen and thought about it. is there really a certain way to win my heart?

ive only had one boyfriend in my whole life, but a lot of crushes. my ex was terrible and when i think about it i dont really know how he even won my heart, but when i look at all of my previous crushes, every single one was different. and i guess i cant find a thing that "won my heart" because i cant really think about anything.

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i dont have a certain thing that always works for me. yeah, i could be that tumblr teenage girl and say when a guy is musician or buy me flowers or even updated version buy me food. because no, these guys have never done these things and they still won my heart.

but i guess that in general, a good conversation can win my heart. for example, i wouldnt be interested in a person that i cant really talk to about anything. so when i have something in common with that person and i can talk about it with him, its great.

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what can really win my heart is when a person is passionate about something. because when they do the thing that they are passionate about, you can see the light in their eyes, the happiness that it gives them. even talking about the passion they have is really beautiful to watch to me.

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okay, i found a stupid one. but voice can win my heart. like, when a guy has that beautiful voice, my heart just melts and i am all his. for example, my current crush has the most beautiful deep calming voice that ive ever heard and thats the first thing that ive ever noticed about him.

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another way to win me heart is when someone recommends something to me and i like it. it shows that they care about me and they thought of me when they were watching that movie/reading that book/using that product. it shows that they know what i like and they pay attention.

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memories and inside jokes win my heart. i love it when a guy remembers some thing that we survived together and thinks about it. and insidejokes are seriously the best things in the world.

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kindness wins my heart. and when a guy is not afraid to show his emotions. girls dont want a stone cold figurines, we need a guy that is happy, is sad, is romatic, is angry, is passionate. we need emotions. we dont want to look at though guy that doesnt care about anything like yeah, its hot in movies but in real life we need a real life human being with opinions and emotions.

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and last but not least, if you want to win my heart, talk to me. you dont just argue and go away, i need you to stay when we fight and talk to me with open mind and try to have meaningful conversation with me, not just yell some random insults to me.