I hope you find happiness, I truly do. More recently, I have definitely been able to relate to this quote:

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Nowadays, I fall in love with the small things in life, but they add up to create a big amount of joy. I fall in love with things such as, sunsets, sunrises, books, and most importantly myself.
I know it’s hard to be happy if you’re going through something. Somedays are good but it’s scary to become comfortable because a bad day could come out of nowhere. I’m not going to lie, I still have an occasional bad day but I’ve started having less ever since I’ve changed my perspective. I’ve tried to be more grateful for everything in my life and I’ve tried to always think on the bright side of things.

I think, just this once, change might be a good thing.

I’ve started to do stuff that I know will cheer me up, like watching YouTube videos or working.

Self love is also very important. I’ve learnt to accept myself. I try to focus on my strengths and to not let anyone’s criticism get in the way. This has definitely helped.
To be happy is truly a remarkable thing - I hope you will get there.