Hi guys!! Sorry i didnt write this yesterday. I was super busy. But, here it is!!

Todays question is: 5 things that make me happy right now!!:)

I love listening to music, and singing. It helps me escape from everyone, and i just feel happy when i am. (Fun fact: Im listening to music right now BP)

2) My 3 Kitties
My 3 cats are my life! I love them so much!!! There names are Oscar, Ollie, And Dobbin. Oscar and Ollie are 7 months old, and Dobbin is 8 years old. (Oscar is the chubbiest) They are also the cutest things:):)<3

3) My Family
I love my family so much. I wouldn't be who i am without them!<3

4) Hanging out with Friends
My friends make me so happy! We hang out a lot, and i can talk to them about anything! I would be a complete wreck without them!

5) CANDY!!!
I love Candy!! It makes me happy when im sad, and i LOVE eating it!!!

thx for reading!