For those of you how doesn't know me, hi I'm Karen and I love kpop a little too much.

The history of how I started liking kpop is a long story I won't tell you, but why I like them is on a whole different level.

Their music takes my soul away and makes it better. Their voices make me see the reality we live in, and how awful and beautiful life can be.

I have my life to thank these groups for.

They are definitely something else in this world we all need in our life in order to survive.

So welcome, to another article about my taste in music and how much I love them.



jungkook, bts, and jhope image theme and aesthetic image theme, rp, and roleplay image bts, v, and taehyung image
They give me purpose to live for, and that means everything.
- We’re too young and immature to give up, you idiot.

Songs I adore:

  • First Love (WOOOOW)
  • Intro: The most beautiful moment in life
  • Save Me


got7, kpop, and jaebum image theme, aesthetic, and grey image aesthetic, kpop, and themes image got7, kpop, and youngjae image

These guys has two personalities, sadness and happiness. Either way, you will love them.

- Frustrated with no one to talk to. Sometimes I delude myself that I’m trapped.

Songs I adore:

  • If You Do
  • Just Right
  • You Are

Epik High

epik high, kpop, and dj tukutz image epik high, tablo, and lee seonwoong image wild, quotes, and broken image epik high, tablo, and collection image
I don't care who you are, where you live or what you want in life, you just need to know these guys. They are lifesavers that need to get more attention for their amazing music that breaks my heart over and over again.
- I had nothing, but thanks to the scars you gave me, I became the main character in a sad love story.

Songs I adore:

  • Home Is Far Away
  • Love Story
  • No Thankxxx


aesthetic, blue, and pastel image day6 and dowoon image Jae, kpop, and park image blue, aesthetic, and pastel image
Their songs are unforgettable. I will never forget the first time I heard this band. Absolutely fantastic.
- How could you be so fine? How could you trample on me?

Songs I adore:

  • Congratulations (i can't breathe)
  • I Wait
  • I Need Somebody


g-dragon, bigbang, and gd image red, aesthetic, and light image Inspiring Image on We Heart It kpop, bigbang, and big bang image
Our lives is full of heartbreak, love, happiness and sadness. They tell us all that, but in a magical way.
- Hey doctor doctor, please save me. Because I’m about to go insane.

Songs I adore:

  • Blue
  • Bad Boy


blackpink, jisoo, and lisa image aesthetic, jacket, and 90s image theme, green, and music image blackpink, jisoo, and lisa image
They can bring joy to your life by just smiling at you.
- So easily, with harsh words. You put scars in my heart without even saying sorry.

Songs I adore:

  • Stay (loove)
  • Playing With Fire
  • As If It's Your Last


alternative, concer, and concert image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image feminist, feminism, and quotes image akdong musician and akmu image
They opened my eyes in ways i didn't think was possible. Two perfect siblings, literally, that makes music i will always love.
- I leave the darkness that finds my heart. Even the cold shadow that covers the night starts to harden.

Songs I adore:

  • Melted (heartbreaker)
  • RE-BYE
  • 200%


Seventeen, joshua, and theme image watermelon, fruit, and green image 17, aesthetic, and dark image Seventeen, vernon, and 17 image
They are the reason my music taste is this way. I have everything to thank these guys for. They showed me kpop, and all i can say is thank you.
- You make me say mansae a hundred times but after I wake up, I always say I’m so stupid.

Songs I adore:

  • CLAP (wow)
  • Mansae
  • Pretty U


exo, white, and xoxo image exo, white, and lq image exo, baekhyun, and kpop image white, aesthetic, and pink image
They are amazing at everything. They do some pretty impressing things where I forget to breathe.
- There’s curiosity in your eyes. You’ve already fallen for me.

Songs I adore:

  • Lotto
  • Ko Ko Bop (eehhh wow)
  • Monster


twice, sana, and dahyun image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, sky, and space image mina, sana, and twice image
I love love love love love love love them.
- I start humming and before I know it. I feel like crying, I don’t feel like myself.

Songs I adore:

  • Signal (i LOVE this)
  • Likey
  • TT


It's sad, we are at the ending. I hope you liked this as much as I did!

I know a lot of people won't even click on this article, but guys, just give kpop a try. I promise they are amazing.

Anyways, if you liked anything about this article, check out my other little things.

Until next time,