I wrote this for a school writing contest and I just thought to share it! I's not very good at all. It was meant to be about war and a father leaving his wife and daughter but I'm not sure if I did well with the plot I was given. Anyway, I really hope you like it, if they're any mistakes I apologize since I did write this in 2-3 hours and I didn't read over. I want to see if I can win without editing it. No more of me talking I hope you enjoy it!


WITH tears in her eyes and a heavy heart she held onto him for dear life. She sobbed into his white dress shirt but he stood still, motionless until a cold wind hit her. He had softly pushed her away. No, he hadn't exerted enough strength to make her fall but a bitter expression was painted across his face. He was frowning and a million pieces of glass had seemed to have pierced her heart, right then and there. He was leaving and they were both uncertain of what the future would hold.

Would my dad be gone forever? That question refused to leave my mind and it defiantly stood its ground no matter how hard I tried to shove the thought far into the depths of my mind it kept jumping back up. Numerous questions were relaying through my already disheveled thought process and the oncoming unanswered questions which were yet to be revealed made my palms warm and sweaty.

My mum must have seen me from the corner of her eye because she began to speak "Aida, please leave me and your father alone. Just for a minute." I didn't dare make eye contact with her as I shuffled out of the room closing the door behind me. I pursed my lips, I was a bundle of nerves and I couldn't help but fidget wondering what was happening behind that closed door.

Suddenly a loud howl could be heard and a thump was audible from where I was standing. I hurriedly put my ear to the door to pick up whatever background noise was left over but all I could hear were the muffled voices of my mum and dad. I gulped in anticipation as I patiently waited to be called back inside.

I stood there for a while. I'm not sure how long to be exact but the voices were now dying down and all I could hear were snippets of my dad's voice. Short sentences such as "Don't cry." and "It's fine." were repeated numerous times. I suppose it was too much for mum to handle in the first place. It had been too much for me to handle but I'd be strong for my mum. She was my mum and she looked after me but I was also her daughter and that gave me a justified reason to look after her too.

The same words were being repeated again so I slumped against the door for support. You know, it was absurd how I wanted to cry but I couldn't because if I cried mum and dad would have to come help me and they can't fix their already broken hearts that way. Can they?

Dad didn't need to sign up for the military, I wasn't sure what had coaxed him into making such a hard decision but he was adamant about contributing to the armed forces. He always was like that. The sort of man who believed that teamwork made the dream work.

I could hear footsteps coming towards the door and my first reaction was to get up and wait patiently outside the door with a smile on my face. If I'm happy my parents will be happier too.

The door creaked open but my dad was the only one who had come out. He had a smile on his face that matched mine, both were coincidentally fake. He was holding something behind his back and his smile formed into a genuine grin.

"Left or Right?" I giggled and I tried to look at what exactly was in his hands but he evaded my attacks and he asked me again, "Left or Right?"

"Both!" I exclaimed, my dad chuckled and he shook his head "Wrong choice, Aida." I pouted but I looked at both his hands even closer. After a minute of thought I pointed at the one in his left. He opened his palm and there inside was a paper crane. A small smile made its way across my face and I beamed when my dad placed it in my hands carefully.

"This is yours to keep. It's to remember me whilst I'm gone." I looked at it in wonder and curiosity but my dad's sentence caught my attention even more.

"You won't be gone forever, right?" He bit his bottom lip and he broke eye contact with me. A flood of sadness washed over me and I began to shake, with no control over my body a single tear rolled down my cheek onto the paper crane in my hands. I was looking down at it and I winced realizing that I was now crying.

"I asked you a question. You won't be gone forever, right?" I hiccuped through that sentence trying to get a hold of myself. My throat began to tighten and I swallowed thickly. Still, I was met with silence and no answer seemed to be coming from my dad.

"I might not come back. Aida it's hard to admit but I have to tell you the truth it would be unfair if I di-" I swiftly cut him off and I sighed heavily. All I could feel was anger and in that moment I don't know why I acted the way I did but I was just so angry. I was so frustrated and infuriated that I didn't notice my fists clench either or the words which began to fly out of my mouth automatically.

"NO, IT'S UNFAIR HOW YOU'RE LEAVING US. THAT'S WHAT'S UNFAIR!" I remember the same situation playing out years ago, this time without my loud voice. As always dad had left me something to remember him it changed every time he had to leave, it wasn't very often only when war broke out he'd go back into service.

He had left me the same thing as now, a paper crane. A couple years back it was his first time going into service and he decided on giving me the paper crane and I don't know why I began to shout today but maybe both of us had realized how dangerous things were now.

The war was only getting worse, the prospect of it improving was minuscule and maybe this would be the opposite of the first time he left us. He just might not come back.

"Aida, you need to be prepared for-"He had placed his hand on my shoulder midway through his sentence but I simply shrugged him off - automatically causing him to stop. I mumbled "It's okay." and I smiled. I smiled the same way as I always did it was fake and we both knew that just as well as we knew how dangerous the outside world was but my father nodded to.

We had one thing in common, our fake smiles were just as forced and we knew that if this would be our last time seeing each other we'd make it count. We'd force those smiles onto our faces and we'd make it a "happy" memory. I didn't want our possible last moments to be filed with sadness and anger so like the person I was I held my head up eye and as my tears cascaded down my face I laughed.

"Let's make things happy, shall we?" Smiling has always been easier than explaining why you're sad so I did what I knew how to do best I jumped on him to give him a hearty hug. He chuckled and I felt wet splodges of tears getting all over my shirt but it was fine. I was ruining his shirt too.

He pulled away and left a chaste kiss on my forehead.

"My Aida, absolutely stunning in every single way." He paused before continuing, I wasn't sure what that pause was for exactly but I had a feeling that it had to do with fixing the slight stammer he developed. "I won't leave you until I know you're happy."

"Why would you want to do that? You're so busy."

"Of course I have to make you feel better you are my world. I adore you." I grinned from ear to ear as if I was a Cheshire cat. My stomach felt terrible, I sensed that this was the last time. I wouldn't see him again. It was as if waves of water were crashing inside of me but surprisingly I found myself laughing and before I knew it words which I never knew I could say had flown out my mouth.

"Leave, you'll be late. I love you."His eyebrows were furrowed in confusion and a few creases were now visible on his forehead. His eyes almost looked like they had darkened. They were a shade darker in this light and if you looked close enough you could still identify them as a chestnut brown but I wasn't focusing on that.

"Where did the old Aida go?" My head jerked upwards to look up at him, It was my turn for that look of bewilderment and uncertainty to sink into my features. At this, the older eyes thin into slits and a dark look settled into his features.

"Aida, promise me you'll be happy and strong...for me and your mother." I hummed in response, my tears were gone but it was obvious that I had cried. I predicted that my eyes were puffy and bloodshot but I could just use my usual excuse.

"Get going now, run along. You'll be seriously late at this rate." He nodded and rushed towards the door slipping on his dress shoes. He enjoyed looking prim and put together before her enlisted again.

He kissed my cheek once more, leaving a burning sensation and just like that he walked out of the door. At that moment I finally gave up, dropped the fake smile as a tear ran down my cheek and I whispered to myself.
The paper crane was still in my hands. My hands shook as I unfolded it with care. I took an intake of air and I struggled to breathe. There written in his Cursive handwriting was:

"I'll miss you like the sun misses the stars. I love you forever and always."