So I've seen this challenge all over my dashboard for like a week or so and I think it's pretty interesting so I wanted to do it as well. So here it goes I guess


90s, girl, and girls image fashion, outfit, and glasses image fashion, outfit, and clothes image girl, aesthetic, and nature image
I get a lot of inspiration from the 70s and I have a more laid back style and it's sort of all over the place.


aesthetics, classic, and cool image yellow, art, and aesthetic image friends, sunset, and beautiful image pink, aesthetic, and red image
I didn't really know what it meant by 'colour' so I just put pictures with colours I liked

Hobbies and Passions

rugby, sport, and england rugby image diary and journal image blue, earphones, and headphones image alternative, camera, and high image
I play rugby which I love. I also write a lot, Listen to music literally 7 days a week and I also love to take photos.


james, alex lawther, and quote image quotes, life, and confetti image depressed, girls, and relate image 90's, food, and true image
I like these quotes a lot.


vodka, quotes, and sex and the city image green, quote, and pale image aesthetic, bisexual, and bisexuality image girl, grunge, and boy image
I drink too much, I have unattainable dreams which I try to attain. I am a half gay and I love sparkles and I am known at my school for wearing glitter instead of highlighter in tenth grade.

TV Shows

Alyssa, teotfw, and james image that 70s show image skins, gif, and michelle image freaks and geeks and old school image
The End of the F***ing World, That 70s Show, Skins UK, Freaks and Geeks and a whole bunch of other shows as well.


gif, Marvel, and thor image gif, japan, and big hero six image fuck you, tumblr, and love image Clueless image
Thor Ragnarok, Big Hero 6, Juno, Clueless


girl, bella hadid, and model image eyes, eye, and eyebrows image beauty, freckles, and blue eyes image smile, boy, and dimples image
I have short dark brown hair but I am originally a ginger. I also have blue eyes and I fill my eyebrows in super thick I also have mega Freckles and one dimple whom I named Steve. People compare me to Jessica Barden (Alyssa from The End of the F***ing World.)

Okay I guess that's it for the this is me challenge. See you guys next time.