Today in my Violin classes my Teacher said something to me that I can`t get out of my head.

I`ve been playing Violin since I`m 6. I love it with all of my heart, telling people thats its my "Heartinstrument" . Soon they`ll be exams so you know, I have to play in front of a lot of people and make them love it, which isn`t that easy.

When I play I should express myself more. Make more differences between loud and quiet etc.
My teacher said that I need the attention of everybody in the room as soon as I start to play.

"You`re an artist, an actress, a soloist all at once. Show them you love it and thats the thing you do with passion. Everybody will stare at you and you`ll get nervous, but don`t show them. Just dream of the world you get when you play. Imagine it all and ignore them. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and start. Concentrate on your hands, learn it by heart."

When someone talks about things they really adore, you can literally see the sparkle in their eyes. This was such a moment for her and these are the ones i really like to remember. Being a really strict woman I din`t always talk nice about her, but that`s something I really like about her.

This made me really happy today and I`m thankful for all the time I spend playing violin and escpecially, that I have the possibility to learn an instrument i always adored.