Do you know the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You”? It is one of my favorite movies and the poem that gives the movie its name gave me an idea. I could write a poem like that to the boy at school that I hate.

I hate the way you talk to me
And the way you grow your hair.
I hate it when you smile at me
That smile follows me everywhere.

I hate your conceited hipster style
And the way it makes you act.
I hate how you decide to treat people.
I just hate everything about you, in fact.

I hate the way I trusted you.
I hate that I thought you understand.
I hate the way I understand you.
I hate the night you held my hand.

I hate that I thought I didn’t hate you.
I hate that I still don’t.
I hate that I can’t like you either.
Because will you change? You won’t.