Hi! This is my This Is Me! Hope you enjoy

My Style

fashion and girl image fashion, style, and vintage image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image
quiete a simply and chill style, but I like feeling sexy and comfortable at the same time

My appearence

beach, black, and hair image blue eyes, grunge, and make up image chic, glam, and kiss image beauty, gucci, and indie image
Brown hair (but blond in summer), blue eyes, big lips and big hips but fin body

hobbies and passions

girl, sport, and sexy image flowers, pink, and computer image adventure, fun, and sunset image book, inspiration, and sheet image
Sport is my lovely passion, for sure I love music, ordinator, visit new places and chill

favourite literature quotes

milk and honey image nothing, numbness, and blankness image movie, quotes, and christian grey image
After and 50 Shades are my favourite books

favorite art pieces

art, black and white, and creativity image
Just jazz


moon, sky, and night image beach, traveling, and holiday image girl, surf, and beach image shell, beach, and summer image


adorable, animals, and duckling image beach, kangaroo, and summer image dog, puppy, and cute image adorable, cat, and animal image
Elephant since I was a baby <3 kangoroo 'cause I'm an Australia dreamer, bulgod and cat... only cause this is soooo cute


study, school, and highlight image college, desktop, and travel image study, notes, and school image celine dion, motivation, and i can do it image
I'm in Economic and Politic section, so I read a lot of the actuality

visited places

autumn, fall, and goals image beach, Island, and rhodes image beautiful, city, and italia image london, city, and photography image
Romania, Italia, Greece and England

tv shows

teen wolf, tyler posey, and scott mccall image Malcolm, reese, and malcom image school, quotes, and theme image grey's anatomy, black and white, and series image
Teen Wolf, Malcom, The middle ans Grey's anatomy for sure


kendall jenner, beauty beautiful pretty, and girl girly lady image Image removed chris hemsworth, thor, and Hot image
Kendall Jenner for model, Marilyn Monroe for the inspiration and Chris for boy model

what i stand for

art, beautiful, and girl image b&w, phrases, and quotes image girls image books, classy, and life image
Beauty equality, what can I say?


quotes, aesthetic, and different image theme, rp, and animal image budget image